GAUGE mould vase



The glass is mouth-blown into a mould which is made from locally sourced beech wood. The wood must be saturated with water, which extends the life of the mould, so the beech trunks are placed into a lake. Only when the trunks touch the bottom of the lake, are they ready to be processed. The wet trunks are then taken out of the water and sliced into big pieces. A raw block of wood is then fixed to a lathe to be carved out with chisels, with great precision. Then the wooden block is cut in half, equipped with locks and handles. Each mould will produce no more than 80 pieces, by when the shape has become altered by the molten glass and it can no longer be used.

Please see here for crystal glass making. Please see here for glass care.

OHIM Community Design Number: 002207779-0001
USA Design Patent Number: US D727,081 S

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