13° 60° 104° Decanter (SECOND)


Borosilicate Glass

Possible reasons for seconds: 

  • a scratch inside a punt
  • a deformed punt
  • a wobble on one of the bases
  • an excess amount of air bubbles.
Please contact us to find out if seconds are available or to enquire about the nature of the flaw.
We accept returns and offer full refund, so please feel welcome to return it, if you are not pleased with the second when you receive it. For UK customers, we can arrange collection at our cost.

The decanters are free blown on a lathe by a lamp worker, at a scientific laboratory glassware manufacturer, who normally make chemistry apparatus. We believe that we have found the only man in the country with the skill to make the 13° 60° 104°.
Because the decanters are hand made, there is variation between pieces and small air bubbles sometimes form, normally in the 13° base - a desirable sign that they are not produced by machine.
Because of the incredible difficulty in making a decanter and our exceptional standards, we remove a number of factory seconds from each batch.

White wine decanters - photographed by John R Ward. Art direction by Arno Maasdorp.

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