1000 Vases Dubai

by Jim Rokos March 19, 2019

The Gauge vase was invited to join 999 other vases in Dubai.
1000 Vases Atrium

Atrium of building No.7 - Photograph by Natelee Cocks

The Gauge at 1000 Vases

Photographs (above and below) by Mohammed Mulla

The Gauge vase in Dubai

Dubai Design District (d3) Atrium of building No.7, Dubai, UAE
The event is open to public March 20-25, 10am-7pm, 2019.

With special thanks to Francesco Pirrello and the rest of the team of 'Meet My Project' and also Dubai Design District for their very generous support. 

To learn about the other 999 vases, please visit 

Jim Rokos
Jim Rokos



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