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Modern Decoration
Modern Decoration article, with special thanks to Vivian.

Smoke on the Water
onOffice article by Dominic Lutyens. With special thanks to Jessica-Christin Hametner. 


With special thanks to Elizabeth Pagliacolo.

The Bigger Picture Book of Amazing Dyslexics and the Jobs They Do

With special thanks Kate Power & Kathy Iwanczak Forsyth. Another lovely book - more here.

�T�h�e� �I�l�l�u�s�t�r�a�t�e�d� �G�u�i�d�e� �t�o� �D�y�s�l�e�x�i�a�� �a�n�d� �I�t�s� �A�m�a�z�i�n�g� �P�e�o�p�l�e
With special thanks to Kate Power & Kathy Iwanczak Forsyth. A lovely book - more here.

LUXX Magazine features the 13° 60° 104°
LUXX magazine. With special thanks to writers Nina Caplan and Lisa Grainger.

Boston Magazine - Upon Reflection
The Boston Magazine. With special thanks to Editor at Large Kara Butterfield and Photographer Bruce Peterson. Read here.

Brand Heroes by Klementyna de Sternberg Stojalowska
With special thanks to Klementyna de Sternberg Stojalowska for writing a chapter on Rokos. Read our chapter in a PDF here. Buy the book here.

Routledge Handbook of Sustainable Product Design
With special thanks to Silvia Grimaldi for including the Gauge in her chapter 'Surprising Longevity'. Download to read here.

With special thanks to writer John Stimpfig and EuroCave's Daniel Primack for making it possible. Read here.


Written by Ruby Munson-Hirst
Photographed by Sun Lee

Featured on the London Underground.

Photographed by David Sykes
Written by Edward Lucas
Edited by Santiago Rodriguez Tarditi

Written by Trudy McGregor

View full article online

View Passion Palaces Winter 2014 edition online
Features: 13° 60° 104° Decanter, Page 18 & 19.
Written by Zoe Roulot

View article on
Written by Katie Dailey

Written by Simon Usborne.

Written by David Morris

View article on

View Tableware Sep-Oct 2013 edition online
Features: Gauge Vase, Page 23.
Written by Jo Cooper.

View SO Tunbridge Wells August 2013 edition online

View article on

Written by Trudy McGregor

Written by Sophie Kalkreuth

View article on
Written by Sarah Davis

View article on

View article on
Written by Trudy McGregor

Mirror mirror, by Rokos designer Jim, featured in The Independent
View article on
With thanks to Simon Usborne

Written by Anna Sansom


View Shortlist Issue 260 online
Written by Sophia Armitage

Written by Frank Russell

Download ACID News Issue 46
Features: 13° 60° 104° Wine Decanter, Page 14.

Download New Design Yearbook Volume 2
Features: 13° 60° 104° Wine Decanter, Page 46.

View article on Arikwings
Written by Emma Woodhouse

View Tableware Nov-Dec 2012 edition online
Features: 22° 36° 48°Bowl, Page 28.

View Totally UK Vol 2 online
Totally UK - Virgin Atlantic Shanghai to London Inflight Magazine.
Written by Sarah Inzani.

View article on Home 2013 blog
Written by Tim Phillips

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