Half Mould Vase

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32.5cm tall

The metal tool was built for machine blowing a crystal wine decanter into. One at a time, seven samples were produced and delivered to our studio. It was on receipt of the seventh bottle that it was deduced that this version of the decanter had proved to have failed, and it never went into production. Two of the tools three parts each weighs 49 kg. Normally when a bottle is blown into a mould, the mould line where the parts join may be polished out as it is being blown by the method of the glass being rotated backwards and forwards inside the mould as the glass cools. However, this decanter could not be rotated inside the mould because it includes three flat edges, which lock the glass into one position inside the tool. The factory was able to polish out the join line on the outside of the bottle, but there still remained evidence of the line on the inside, which could not be removed. Because of this flaw the bottle would not be suitable to sell if produced by this production method. Happily, the decanter (called the 13˚ 60˚ 104˚, which refers to the three angles that it may be sat at), is now mouth blown in borosilicate without the use of a mould, so there is no mould line. The decanter can be strapped in with a belt, which we will have made in the colour required.

A Certificate of Authenticity signed by artist accompanies each half.

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