Design Parade 2007
Blindspot - Selected

Reddot Design Award 2012 
13° 60° 104° - Winner

Enterprise Europe Network Award 2014

Gauge - New Markets category - Winner

London Design Awards 2016
Dyslexic Design (exhibition) - Category: Pop-Ups, Display, Exhibit & Set Design - Silver winner

iF Social Impact Prize 2017 for Health & Demographic Change
Dyslexic Design (exhibition) - Nominated

German Design Award 2017

Gauge - Excellent Product Design - Winner

'A lovely idea that functions well and is wonderfully poetic thanks to the play of balance involved. The overall design of the vases radiates elegance and high quality.' (The Gauge vase.)
The German Design Awards 2017, Jury statement, Germany.

German Design Award 2021
The ≲ 231 MIN - Excellent Product Design - Special Mention

'An impressively simple, physical principle translated into a beautiful, decorative object.' (≲ 231 MIN.)
The German Design Awards 2021, Jury statement, Germany.

Luxury Law Summit 2021
Luxury Design Award - Winner 

'We were looking for a designer who has created a product that answers a luxury problem, shows conceptual design thinking and displays superior execution with a luxury feel. This designer has been creating inventive home décor in the luxury space. His products are both artistic and practical and are undoubtedly original.'
- Luxury Law Summit jury


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