With very special thanks to:

Photographer John R Ward for our immaculate photographs.

Enej, for the exceptional quality of work, the greatest attention to detail and always being so very reliable. 

Petr, of the Giant Mountains of Bohemia, for his kindness and patience with this obsessive designer and for teaching how to work well with a manufacturer.

Madalina Nazare, Margherita Marini, Svatava Novakova and Jana Holmanova of the Enterprise Europe Network, for their determination, hard work and generous help.

The School for Creative Start-ups for phenomenal business support. Thank you team Medeia, Nancy and Chris for always being there with encouragement, guidance and inspiration; mentors Jamie Scrimgeour, for advice on manufacturing strategy and saving the day (more than once). Thank you Hiten for thinking of me at the right moment.

Graphic Designer Stephanie of Studio Jerey for our logo, of which we are very proud.

Arno Maasdorp for genius, insights and wine expertise.

Robin Levien RDI for his generous manufacturing advice.

Swati for her kind support.

Chetan, for his wisdom and animal metaphors.

Dave of the lathe.

Brothers Terry and Raymond.

Wouter De Meester for his eye for detail.

Yuichi Ishihara and Weiwei He. They are burgers and they gave brilliant and precise specification support.

The boutiques and online shops who sell our work. Without them we are invisible.

The wonderful journalists who make me so proud.

Simon Stewart of Charles Burnand for generous insight into the industry.

Caroline Calvert for incredibly kindly putting me in touch.

Writer Peter Tarnofsky for editing.

Frank Morris of Stainless Restoration Ltd for his generous advice on stainless steel manufacture.

Our heroic studio assistant Leo Choi, for his kindness, generous and ingenious help, far far beyond the call of duty.

Miss Missi, for being by my side and calling me when it is time to stop work.

Line Glue, for imaginative and healthy work-lunches, patience, hard work, brand advice, joyful support and being there.  

Jason Giberti for our video.

Yue Jin, for patiently imparting precious business advice. 

Daniel Rowles of the Digital Marketing Podcast for insightful electronic commerce guidance.

My Great Grandmother, Hedwig Rokos, for her name.

My parents for their support.

And my brother, who made it all possible.

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