Rise and Fall of a Candle in Yellow

  • ≲ 231 MIN  

    Limited edition of 10. A Certificate of Authenticity signed and numbered by artist accompanies the yellow candleholder.
    Mouth-blown borosilicate in Slovenia, without the use of moulds.
    Height 32cm
    Weight 0.35 kg
    For a regular church candle of 5/8" diameter (or less) X 6" tall (or more).

    Included: 1 X twisted brush with tip6 X 6" long church candles6 X 9" long church candles6 X lighting tapers, wooden gift box.

    German Design Award 2021
    The timepiece allows the operator to determine when the flame will be extinguished by adjusting the amount of water poured into the holder. As the candle gets shorter its bottom end rises upwards to a point where a constraint is no longer effective, and the candle falls over onto its side, extinguishing itself in the water. The Bauhaus tells us that ‘less is more’. Here, for more burn time, add less water.

    Named after its maximum approximate burn time of 231 minutes (which is three hours and fifty one minutes), the ≲ 231 MIN is formed from the highest-quality Italian borosilicate glass. It is individually mouth-blown and formed by hand on a lathe by a highly skilled craftsman using the same processes that create chemistry apparatus.

    Candle waste is minimised and there is a reduced fire risk as a result of the self-extinguishing feature of the innovation.
    Its nature lends itself well to dinner parties. Should a guest remain at an event longer than is desirable, a self-extinguishing candle may provide a tactful clue that the event is over.

    Jim says, "When I read I experience visual stress. It is as though the letters are not perfectly solid or fixed, and I sometimes notice white ‘rivers’ between the words, in the negative spaces. Looking at text on a yellow background or through yellow lenses calms the text down. This candleholder casts a yellow light, the idea being that it will aid my reading."
    Different dyslexics find that different colours help if they experience visual stress.

    'An impressively simple, physical principle translated into a beautiful, decorative object.'

    Jury statement - German Design Award 2021

    Because pieces are mouth-blown, small air bubbles sometimes form - a desirable sign that they are not produced by machine. Each yellow piece is a little more unique than usual.

    Studio photographs by John R Ward.
    Interior photographs by Beth Davis, styling by Studio Gabrielle.
    UK Patent Application Number: 2011755.2
    Whilst borosilicate is dishwasher safe, at 32.5cm tall, the candleholder will not fit inside: use warm or hot water with washing up liquid. The brush (included) will reach inside the neck, if required. Hot water may be used to remove wax from glass holders. 
    The ≲ 231 MIN candleholder is free blown on a lathe by a lamp worker, using the same processes used to blow scientific laboratory glassware (chemistry apparatus).
    Borosilicate glass is known for having very low coefficients of thermal expansion (≈3 × 10−6 K−1 at 20 °C), making them more resistant to thermal shock than other glass.  Such glass is subjected to less thermal stress and can withstand temperature differentials without fracturing of about 165 °C (329 °F) (Wikipedia). Borosilicate is referred to as 'hard glass' and has a higher melting point (approximately 1650 degrees Celsius) than 'soft glass'.
    More about making here.

    Fill the holder with water to above the point where the stem meets the bowl.
    Like this, it is set for the maximum burn time of 231 minutes. For a shorter burn time, add more water. (More water raises the candle up within the glass, so it has a head start and will release itself earlier.) One inch of water height above the stem reduces one inch of candle below the stem. Each inch of candle length below the part where the stem meets the bowl will give approximately 38.5 minutes of illumination. Please refer to the graph which gives the burn duration for differing water quantities. Insert the bottom end of the candle into the narrow part of the glass and let the candle sink. Please light the candle with a taper (included).


    1 X twisted brush with tip,
    6 X 6" long church candles,
    6 X 9" long church candles,
    6 X lighting tapers
    The perfect candle for the 231 MIN is the standard 6" tall (or more) and 5/8" diameter (or less) church candle (i.e. pillar style). (This is around 15cm tall and 1.6cm diameter.)
    We recommend candles from Charles Farris (also available from us), Clive Adie Church SuppliesThe Pilgrim Shop, F.M. Church Supplies, Kevin Mayhew. A 9" candle (also included) may be used if a burn time of longer than 3 hours and fifty one minutes is required.
    We suggest the use of a taper makes lighting easier, particularly when relighting shorter lengths of candle. Tapers are also available from Charles Farris, Clive Adie Church Supplies, The Pilgrim Shop or for your convenience  here.

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