Gauge stem & stems pair

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Crystal Clear

Lead-free crystal
Mouth-blown in the Giant Mountains of Bohemia
17cm & 22cm tall

Winner of the German Design Award 2017 for Excellent Product Design
Mouth-blown crystal in the Giant Mountains of Bohemia. Each piece is hand engraved with its unique production number.

The Gauge vase takes on the behaviour of the flower. The weight of the water holds the vase upright. The vase ‘wilts’ as the flower drinks the water, letting us know that it needs a top-up.

Something is lost when we bring flowers indoors. The flowers are no longer animated by a breeze. The flowers cannot properly wilt when they are dying because the vase holds them rigid.

A gauge is an instrument that measures and shows the amount of something. The Gauge vase indicates the level of remaining water, by the angle of the vase’s neck.

Like any vase, the Gauge can be knocked over. Unlike any other vase, the Gauge will spring back up. It is designed for leaning and swaying and will return to where it best balances - upright when fully watered, tilting when thirsty. The narrow neck limits the number of flowers so it does not over-balance. The vase can pirouette and dance. It invites people to play... because the water moves inside - sometimes following, sometimes leading the sway of the glass - an irregular movement is created, reminiscent of flowers dancing in a breeze.

Please see here for crystal glass making. Please see here for glass care.

"A lovely idea that functions well and is wonderfully poetic thanks to the play of balance involved. The overall design of the vases radiates elegance and high quality."

Jury statement - German Design Award 2017 winner for Excellent Product Design.

Winner of the Enterprise Europe Network Award for new markets, 2014.

Studio photographs and film by John R Ward.
Room-set photograph by Ruth Ward (no relative).
Photograph of vases on wooden surface by Yeshen Venema for Not Just a Shop.
OHIM Community Design Number: 002207779-0001
USA Design Patent Number: US D727,081 S


The Twisted brush with tip is ideal for cleaning inside the neck and inside the base, where the plant stem sits.


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