'British designer Jim Rokos has come up with a genuinely pioneering product in the shape of Rokos 13º, 60º, 104º. This has, rather amusingly, turned decanting design on its head – or, to be precise, its side... Moreover, moving the decanter into each position increases the wine’s exposure to oxygen, thereby bringing out the flavours and aromas at a faster rate.'
John Stimpfig, contributing editor at the Financial Times’ 'How to Spend It' & 
editorial content director of Decanter Magazine.

'I picked up the decanter yesterday and love it - it is really different and very cool. Thanks so much for the excellent customer service.'
Joanne Gajda, London.

'We are loving the decanter!'
Katherine Arnold, Gorgeous Group, Butler's Wharf.

'Thank you so much for this impeccable level of customer service, I will be sure to spread the word about this company and how great you have been at informing me about my purchase. Thanks again.'
Claire, London.

'Jim Rokos is a brilliant homeware designer with a stack of awards under his belt to prove it. His products, such as his striking tipped wine decanter and bowls, are design icons in waiting. Perfect manly gifts for Father's day.'
Katie Dailey, Time Out London.

'Our decanter brings endless pleasure to everyone who uses it.'
Jason Giberti, filmmaker, London.

'I'd seen the 13° 60° 104° Magnum Decanter at a design show and thought it was great - so was just waiting for an excuse to buy it. That came with my partner's 50th Birthday! I ordered online in the morning and it was sitting on my office desk before the end of the day. It looks great in our kitchen (with or without wine actually in it).'
Neil T., London

'Decanting is so important to let wine breathe. We wish to promote an exciting new British product from a young design graduate who makes his ROKOS decanters one at a time, in very very limited numbers. We have never seen such a practical yet creative solution to wine presentation and decanting.'
Daniel Primack, Winerackd, London.

'The bowl arrived and was christened yesterday with a 'warm duck, beetroot and pomegranate salad' and was much admired.....thanks very much, we love it!'
Chris and Christine Dawtrey, Aylesbury.

'We are thrilled with our bowl and it looks great on top of our tallboy.'
Madelynne and Johnny, Manchester.

'Just to say thanks for the vase! Everything arrived safe and sound and on time. As well as being a wonderful object, it was really beautifully packaged which made it an extra special gift that now has pride of place in our living room. All the best for your future designs. I'll certainly keep my eyes open for new products.'
Anne Starkie-Alves, Belgium.

'The decanter is a jaw-dropper.'
Mark King, Design & Art Direction, GT Magazine, London.

'Jim is a very inspiring designer, I have had many conversations with him over the years and he is a genuine and honest human being. He has a very critical and analytical way of looking at problems and is blessed with qualities like patience and dedication. His work is poetic, playful and beautifully crafted. He has developed a method of working and an approach to design that allows him to innovate and commercialise those ideas.'
Rohan Chhabra, Designer, Artist & Wildlife Conservationist, Delhi, India.

'One of the UK’s leading designers.'
designjunction, London.

'A lovely idea that functions well and is wonderfully poetic thanks to the play of balance involved. The overall design of the vases radiates elegance and high quality.' (The Gauge flower vase.)
The German Design Awards 2017, Jury statement, Germany.

''ROKOS' items are visually stunning. Each is perfectly executed, there are no compromises. The logo on the decanters that is engraved by hand. These are examples of utilitarian art, they serve a purpose; decanters and vases are performing their duties exceptionally well. Each also tells a story. Decanters are susceptible to the influence of their content and vases bow down when the flower gets thirsty. It’s very romantic. His products are quite exclusive and he is very approachable and easy to talk to. I’ve found out that ROKOS decanters are made with science glass, which is both excellent and extraordinary – relentless commitment to quality.'
Klem de Sternberg Stojalowska, brand communication specialist, Inc Element, Braintree, from her book 'Brand Heroes'.

'Inarguably the most unique wine decanter on this list, this award-winning vessel is also the cream of the crop.'
Sean Tirman, HiConsumption writer. 

'Richard loves his vase - thank you so much!'
Suzanne Murray, Producer, Platform Productions, Manchester.

'I love the vase. It was a lovely surprise. Its' a very unique and beautiful design. And beautifully packaged too. My wife has great taste.'
Richard Macer, Director, Platform Productions, Manchester.

'An impressively simple, physical principle translated into a beautiful, decorative object.' (≲ 231 MIN.)
The German Design Awards 2021, Jury statement, Germany.

'Your package arrived today. I can understand very well, why you have won with this product a red dot design award. I look for the winners of the red dot design award, because I am a collector of good design. Sometimes when I look for design awards I find an item like yours. I can only see a picture but I know that this is a creation I like. I wish you much continued creativity.'
Jürgen, Germany

13˚ 60˚ 104˚ decanter

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