My Other Half

25cm high
Borosilicate glass
Mouth-blown without the use of moulds.

Made to order, please allow 5 months.

A pair of wine glasses, which allows the liquid to flow freely between the two glasses. Because liquid finds it’s own level, it flows down to the lowest glass. Users must learn to cooperate, to drink their wine.

My Other Half is part of Jim Rokos' 'Blindspot' collection that can stimulate insight into a couple’s personal relationship. Each piece is a tool with which to experiment into an aspect of a human relationship.

Understanding relationships is an intense process which can be effectively conducted if the method involves an approach which is fun based. Through extensive research into inter-personal relationships and social culture, analyses was made into the potential for using products as tools to understand relationships better. The look and feel of the product range is reminiscent of old scientific apparatus.

‘Blindspot’ invites the user to identify the potential for greater communication with a partner, sometimes by alternative means to talking. ‘Blindspot’ are one off products, created to experiment, ask questions and raise awareness.

"I like the idea of being able to reward people for good behaviour..."
Psychologist- John Kentish

Please see here for glass care.

Design Parade selected 2007.
Part of the Museum & Study Collection at Central Saint Martins.

Photographs by Carlo Draisci (with horizon) and David Hendley (cutout).

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