5/8" Ø Beeswax Candles

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  • 6 inches long
    Recommended for the ≲ 231 MIN.

    Pack of 36
    Candle specification:
    Weight 27 g
    Length 16.3 cm
    Diameter 15.9 mm

    Approximate maximum burn time of 3 hours and 51 minutes

    9 inches long
    Compatible with the ≲ 231 MIN.
    Pack of 54
    Candle specification:
    Weight 37 g
    Length 23.6 cm
    Diameter 15.9 mm

    Approximate maximum burn time of 5 hours and 46 minutes

    Charles Farris Limited was founded in Bishopsgate, London. For the past one hundred and sixty years the company has manufactured Church Candles. This manufacturing continues to flourish and develop in their factory in Mere, Wiltshire where they subscribe to the British and European Candle-maker's Federation standards in raw materials, candle safety and testing methods. Their mission is to provide products governed by stringent quality control.

    We sell candles for your convenience only: you may cut out the middle man (us) and purchase these directly from Charles Farris here We also recommend Clive Adie Church SuppliesThe Pilgrim Shop and Kevin Mayhew
  • Guidelines for the burning of Church Altar Candles
    Candles should be stored horizontally on a flat surface. They should not be subjected to direct sunlight or extremes of temperature, and it is recommended that they are used within two years of purchase.

    When setting up a new candle, ensure that the holder is placed on a stable surface.

    Before lighting a new candle, ensure the wick is not crumpled and is standing upright, in line with the candle. The exposed wick should be trimmed, if necessary, to approximately 1/2".

    A Charles Farris lighting taper should be used to light the candle, exposing the full wick to the taper flame. The use of matches or paper should be avoided, as they can drop extraneous material into the candle which can cause serious burning problems.

    When relighting a candle, ensure the burning pool is clear of any foreign materials, and take care not to move the wick from its previous burning shape.

    If a candle is burning with an abnormally low flame, extinguish it and when the wax has cooled pare down the top of the candle until sufficient wick is exposed.

    To extinguish a candle do not blow directly onto the molten wax pool and blow gently, or wax may splash out. A candle snuffer should be used but take care not to damage the wick or the lip of the wax pool.

    Excessive draughts will cause some candles to gutter.

    Hot water should be used to remove wax from glass holders.

    If candles are burnt in confined spaces, there should be at least two feet vertical clearance between the flame and any surface or material.



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