Dripless Lighting Tapers

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Pack of 100.

Please ensure taper is fully extinguished after use (not recommended for use by children).

Lighting tapers are the best way to light your candles, as matches can leave debris which affects the burning quality of the candle.

Weight 192 g
Length 36 cm
Diameter 2.5 mm

Compatible with:
the ≲ 231 MIN candleholder

Charles Farris Limited was founded in Bishopsgate, London. For the past one hundred and sixty years the company has manufactured Church Candles. This manufacturing continues to flourish and develop in their factory in Mere, Wiltshire where they subscribe to the British and European Candle-maker's Federation standards in raw materials, candle safety and testing methods.

Their mission is to provide products governed by stringent quality control.

We sell lighting tapers for your convenience only: you may cut out the middle man and purchase these directly from Charles Farris hereTapers are also available from Clive Adie Church Supplies or The Pilgrim Shop.

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